Product ribbons

This plugin allows you to add labels to products: new, promotion, sale, coming soon.

This plugin allows you to add labels on the product (displayed on the photo in many places in the store). There are four types of labels:
- new
- promotion (as a percentage of discount, e.g. -10%)
- sale
- coming soon (for products that will appear in the store soon)

The "new" and "promotion" label are based on the standard nopCommerce mechanisms (new products, discounts). In case of "sale" and "coming soon", the product page in the admin panel has been expanded with new sections that allow you to activate these options. There can be several labels on a product at the same time.

Features of plugin:
- Possibility to set colors for each type of label (color is set for the background as well as for the font)
- Possibility to specify position of the labels (right/left side)
- Possibility to enable/disable labels on the product details page

Installation instructions:
1. Download the plugin archive.
2. Go to Admin area > Configuration > Local plugins.
3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" button.
4. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin. Click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.
5. Fill required data in the plugin configuration.